Edward Whymper


Climber, Explorer and Gentleman

27 April 1840 – 16 September 1911

The Matterhorn, first climbed by Edward Whymper.

Death of Edward Whymper

16 September 1911



Edward Whymper died in at Couttet's Hotel, Chamonix on 16th September 1911. His diary entry of September 12th noted "Did not feel at all well at the end of the day". His final diary entry on 13th September simply said "at Chamonix". He then locked himself in his room and refused medical treatment, dying alone.Smyth

His funeral was 4 days later. Two guides knocked on the door of every house in Chamonix and asked residents to attend his funeral that day at 2.30pm. Mountain Guides carried his coffin. Also taking pall bearing responsibility was Frederic Payot, the man who had assisted looking for bodies after the Matterhorn accident.Smyth

My Notes

Whymper had traveled to Chamonix to update his guide bookWhymper(CMB), Grand Hotel Couttet advertises in the guide on page 29 of the adverts - there is a picture of the page below.

The hotel also features on the Guide Book map and I have tried to find what remains of the hotel many times but I'm not sure if the building I think it is, really is. When I have confirmation I will take some pictures and post them. There is picture of the page below.

I do know where the grave of Edward Whymper is situated and I visit when ever I'm in Chamonix to leave flowers. To find the grave simply enter the grave yard by the main entrance and walk straight on a few yards. The magnificent head stone is to your left.

If it were possible for a dead person to see from their grave then Whymper would have one of the most fantastic views imaginable - Mont Blanc.

There are many streets in Chamonix named after climbers and guides. Whymper has his own street, Rue Whymper, that runs at right angles to road named after his friend Michelle Croz. Michelle Croz being one of the four people to die on the Matterhorn on that fateful day in 1865.